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        Online Learning Tools You Can Use From 500万彩票在哪里下载

        library and textbook catalog

        AZ Tax Credit - You make the difference!

        Announcements for Families

        Upcoming Enrollment Events

        • School Choice West, Feb. 6, 2020

          Join us for School Choice Central! Thursday, February 6, 2020, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence

          When: 5:30-7:30 p.m., February 6, 2020
          Where: Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence, 4455 S. Mission Rd.

          Come talk with representatives from our schools and programs!

          RSVP Below

        • This is Tucson School Fair, Feb. 16, 2020
          When: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., February 16, 2020
          Where: Jewish Community Center, 3800 E. River Rd.

          Come talk with representatives from our schools and programs!

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        Schools A-Z

        Your A-Z School Quick Links

        Enrollment Events

        Interpreter 500万彩票在哪里下载

        Interpreter and Translator 500万彩票在哪里下载 for Students and Parents/Guardians

        لمتعلمي اللغ


        / .


        Ukwiyungurza kwabiga ururimi rw’Icongereza (ELL Transportation)
        Amakuru Kubavyeyi
        Ku Bavyeyi bose barereye kumashuri ya High School biga ururimi rw’Icongreza:
        Mugihe wimukiye kukindi kigo c’amashuri, umunyeshuri wawe azohitamo ko yoguma aho yiga kuri high school kugezaho umwaka w’ishuri uzoherera, ubwo muri ico gihe azohabwa uburyo bwo kwiyunguruza nko kuronswa ibasi y’ishuri cyangwa agatike ko gutega ibasi

        Nepali - परिवहन




        Gaadiidka Bartayaasha Luqadda Ingiriisiga
        Wargalin Ku Socota Waalidka

        Dhamaan waalidiinta ardayda dhigtaan dugsiga sare kuwaa oo ah bartayaasha luqadda ingiriisiga:
        Haddii aad u guurtid aag kale eek a dheer dugsiga, ardaygaaga waxaa la siin doonaa fursad uu ku joogo dugsiga uu hada dhigto ilaa dhamaadka sanad dugsiyeedka, iyo in isaga / iyada la siin doonaa gaadiid oo ah qaab baska dugsiga degmada ama baska magaalo maro.


        Taarifa kwa Wazazi

        Kwa Wazazi wote wa wanafunzi wa lugha ya kingeresa
        Kama unahamia kwa eneo jingine mahudhurio, mwanafunzi wako atapewa fursa ya kukaa shuleni yao ya sasa juu mpaka mwisho wa mwaka wa shule, na yeye atapatiwa usafiri katika mfumo wa basi la shule la  wilaya au tikiti ya kupita ya busi ya mji.

        Transcripts and Student Records

        Classes at Family Resource Centers

        These are just some of the great free classes and workshops for parents and families held at our Family Resource Centers. Find more at the Family Resource Center Classes page!

        Student Accident Insurance

        Student Accident Insurance is a voluntary coverage that must be elected and paid for directly by covered individuals. All students are eligible for this accident coverage. Per Governing Board Policy JLA, Risk Management has identified an outside vendor to provide Student Accident Insurance directly to students seeking coverage. The coverage provided by the vendor is available in a range of coverages and options at reasonable rates. Plans run the length of the school year and most options carry through the summer months. Please note that TUSD does not pay for accidental injuries sustained on campus or during extracurricular functions.

         (Enroll online for quicker service)

        Mail-in Enrollment Forms and Coverage Information (in PDF): English | Spanish

        K-12 Student Accident Insurance Enroll Online Flier (in PDF)

        Helpful Information



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